Answers to common questions.

How Do I Get Started?

Complete the LAUNCH CAMPAIGN form. Once you complete the campaign form, a representative will be in touch with you to confirm your ONE=TWO weekend date, the resources that you need and important next steps.

How Does the Campaign Work?

We will provide you with a campaign kit that includes donor cards, envelopes and marketing materials. In addition, we will include digital assets and sermon outlines. You may also request a designated ONE=TWO speaker for your service.

After your campaign weekend, you’ll send the sealed cards back to us for secure processing. We’ll be sure to update you along the way and we will provide your church with a online campaign page to track giving. The online campaign page can also be used for future gifts for anyone who wasn’t in attendance for your ONE=TWO weekend.

Where Does the Money Go?

A minimum of 90% of your gift, less reasonable credit card processing fees, will be directly given to local and international partners for the purpose of physical and spiritual help to those they serve. In your local community, these resources will be used to power your HUB and ensure sustainable operations for each and every POD that receives training and resources. Globally, these resources will go to support your network’s compassion fund and the current mission of delivering aid to refugees. 


Getting started is easier than you think but if you do have questions, please contact us here. We are here to walk with you through the process and more importantly, with you as you share the love of God with your neighbors around you.