From Your Neighborhood
to the Nations


All About Missions

One = Two is a recurring fundraising campaign aimed to provide financial resources
to power compassion projects in your backyard and in developing nations.

3.2 Million
3.2 Million
Southern California has the highest rate of poverty in the country including 3.2M people in our own backyards.
More than 40% of all foster child cases in the state are from SoCal.
1 out of 8
1 out of 8
We produce nearly 1/2 of all the fruits and vegetables in the United States, yet 1 out of 8 of our neighbors struggle with food insecurity.
1 in 9
From SoCal to Syria, one in nine (use 1 in 9) people are chronically malnourished.
40M+ people are estimated to be victims of modern slavery — and one in four of those are children.
California has the largest homeless population in the United States – 134,000 homeless individuals.

Consider a Donation

Every pledge, every gift, every faith promise will have a direct impact on
those in need under the direction of your local region.